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With Stars in my Eyes


Catze~R!na:choklad tyska/Deutsch Schokolade
27 January
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maikäfer flieg,
dein vater ist im krieg
die mutter ist in pommerland,
pommerland ist abgebrannt
maikäfer flieg.

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'To the clean are all things clean' — thus say the people. I, however, say unto you: To the swine all things become swinish! Therefore preach the visionaries and bowed-heads (whose hearts are also bowed down): 'The world itself is a filthy monster.' For these are all unclean spirits; especially those, however, who have no peace or rest, unless they see the world FROM THE BACKSIDE — the backworldsmen! TO THOSE do I say it to the face, although it sound unpleasantly: the world resembleth man, in that it hath a backside, — SO MUCH is true! There is in the world much filth: SO MUCH is true! But the world itself is not therefore a filthy monster!

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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